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Lacy Leather Jacket


Lace is one of the design elements for women leather jackets. It is easier to attach lace trimming in a leather jacket, simply because if you don't like that trimming you can change it. But to laser cut the lace directly on white women leather jackets panels will need a lot of delicate works and nerve break down.   The finished leather jacket has to be

cleaned and accepted by the buyer. This is always one of the major problems in laser cut leather jackets. The smell of the leather jacket has to be good. The reason is when you laser cut leather you need to to take care of the burning smell. Buyers don't like to wear that smell on any occasions.

  leather jacket L04301A leather jacket L04302 leather jacket L04301B  
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When you talk about cleaning the laser cut leather panels, you will think of many possiblle errors could happen during the processing. No wonder for those good Italian laser cut leather materials are priced at US$5.00 to US$11.00 per square foot of materials depends on the quality and complexity of the graphics design.

A sharp laser cut quality is another crucial point for good laser cut women leather jackets. Since the lace panel is being cut one hole by one hole with the laser beam, a lacy leather consists of hundreds of holes.   If one of the holes cutting is no

good, it will wreck the whole leather jacket quality. So the operator needs to have good discipline on control the laser cut machine to obtain high quality leather jacket.

Leather jackets are used to being worn during the cold day in winter. But a lacy leather jacket can be worn during the early spring or the fall before the deep winter. So next time when you buy a lacy leather jacket to enhance your fashion collection, you will know what quality of the laser cut leather jackets that you are looking for.

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