"Are You Painfully Find Out that Good Quality of Laser Cut
Leather and Fabric is Not Easy to Obtain?"

 By Pedro Yeung - 18 Years of Experience in Laser Cut and Laser Lace Design

Similar to fabulous printed fabric graphics, Laser Lace Design require you to have a good background in arts. Before the designed graphics can applied in your own Designer Style leather skirt and jacket, it takes you enoumous times to convert your base graphic to laser cut lace.

It challenges the capability of a fashion designer to design directly from a graphic which is a signature of the fashion creator. Naturally, laser cut fashion has the runway show piece quality. It is the reason of why well-trained high-end fashion designers are keeping interest in laser cut fashion.

Different from printed fabric graphics, you are able to make an exclusive lace graphic for your designer fashion brand without the need of large quantity of fabric production. It makes the lace graphic is unique for your brand only.

So you finished the hard working in design, you are going to the final step of production, but you were frustrated by the following problems.
  • It is Hard to Find a Laser Cut Workshop Which Provide You a Good Quality of Laser Cut Leather and Fabric Fashion.

  • You Had to Killed Your Laser Cut Fashion Project Just Simply Due to Your Previous Laser Cut Workshop Had A High Wastage Rate.

  • You Accepted the Low Cutting Quality But You Ran the Risk of the Fashion Not to Be Accepted by Consumer.  Eventually, the Fashion Had to Be Sold at Lower Discount Price.

  • You Can Not Get Rid of The Burning Smell On the Completed Leather Skirt or Jacket.  You Afraid that Will Deterred Your End Buyer.

  • The Laser Cutting Edge on Your Garment Surface is Not Clean Enough.  You Feel Paralyzed by the Fear of Not Passing the QC Testing.

Does it frustrate you that you had spent many hours of work on creating the laser lace?  As you had worked on laser cut leather and fabric previously, you'll find that not every workshop can handle all these problems for you and let you trouble free.

Image that, when your laser cut fashion handle by Laser Source which has been provided laser cut service for 18 years, you just executed your project smoothly without worry about the quality and concentrate in your fashion design.

As you work more with us in laser cut fashion, the more you'll realize that a good quality of laser cut workshop can increase the value of your designer fashion which means you can brand your fashion in higher end with higher pricing level. I am sure you want your laser fashion got an enthusiastic applause in your runway show as well as in retail production.

Here is a Story of A Client:

"A merchandising company had designed an intricate laser cut lace suede jacket for a high-end fashion brand. Since the laser was too intricate for most of the workshop, they had frustrated search around the world for laser cut workshop to complete the project. They had almost given up the order of their clent. Before this decision, they contacted us to let us have a trial.

Although the design was extremely intricate almost impossible, we had done the sample with good satisfaction. Eventually, the production order had finished and delivered to their client. Thirty days after delivered the laser cut suede jacket, the client of this merchandising company placed additional 50% of the previous order quantity."

With the long experience in Laser Lace Design:
"We guarantee your laser cut leather garment are clean with no burning smell. Laser cut fabric are the best quality in the market suitable for your designer skirt and jacket fashion."

  • Base Artwork Design
  • Convert To Laser Lace
  • Laser Cut Production
Undoubtely, a good laser cut workshop can help to create your successful laser cut fashion and make you out of the production trouble.  Write and discuss with me about your project today to make your laser designer fashion the best sale and reap the profit.

Photo and Laser Lace Skirt Design Copyright © 2005 - 2013 Laser Source (HK) Company Limited All rights reserved
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