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About A High-Tech Laser Cut Leather and Fabric Company

Laser Source (HK) Company Limited was founded in 1989. We specialized in laser cut fabric and leather as well as other materials. We are one of the finest laser cut products company in Hong Kong. Since late 90's, Laser Source already provide laser cut in fabric and leather to our clients in US, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

With our in-house laser cut graphics design capability, your lace-cut pattern will be unique and will not be the same as the other label. Our laser cut quality could be satisfied by the high fashion designers and also will enhance the additional value of your garments.

Your leather apparel will only have the smell of leather, instead of the bad burning smell. All the laser cut leather products from us are cleaned which make your materials color selection more flexible. You will concentrate in your new designs, not in worrying about the laser cut quality.

Your fashion design team has one more design channel to create a unique high end lace-cut apparel collection. There is no need to cover up the possible burning edge problem by using deep color fabric materials except that is your targeted effect. Our working team has confidence in laser cut white color fabric, especially, chiffon and satin apparel, and you will satisfy with the edge cutting quality.

leather exhibition Photo1
leather exhibition Photo2
Invited by the organizer of Asia Pacific Leather Fair 2004, “Materials, Manufacturing and Technology”to contribute our laser cut leather and fabric to display in the “Trend Forum”at APLF 2004 which gave an insight into the new trends of style and material.

To contact us for your new project development or interest in our displayed products, click here to fill in your contact information. We will in touch with you as soon as we can.

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