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leather skirt

The basic shape of a leather skirt hangs straight from the hipline to the hem. The basic skirt foundations are Straight, A-shape, Pegged and Bell-Shape. The amount of derivation from the basic shape will determines the new design in leather skirt. Hi-tech laser cut is an innovative technique for leather skirt designs.

Punching holes in leather skirt by a handcraft technician to make lace pattern design is a time consumes and labor intensive job, especially, when you are in high volume production. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to achieve. With the laser technology, a powerful laser beam with CAD machine could make a very intricate lace-cut in leather skirt. The advantages of laser cut in leather fashion are faster speed, more flexibility, better edge quality and accurate graphics position.

Without a good design in leather skirts, it is hard to distinct from your competitors and eventually to attract the consumer buyers. Designers could laser cut different attractive lace pattern in the hem or a full area pattern of a leather skirt to increase the product attraction.

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   Laser Cut Fabric and Leather

Since the late 1990s, laser cut are playing an increasingly important role in garment and leather fashion industry. Laser cut in synthetic fabric materials have well finished edge because when the laser beam cut through the fabric, it melted and fused up the edge to avoid fraying. Leather is another material which cut widely by laser and generates a lot of interest in leather jacket, skirt and handbag.

In Milan and Paris fashion catwalks, you can find the savvy fashion designers in chiffon, satin, jersey suede and leather can be cut by laser, by combining different materials together, fashion designers could create unusual fashion interest.

Italian fashion designer, Gianfranco Ferré has sufficiently unilized the advantage of laser cut in his 2004 spring and summer collecton. A very detailed laser cut geometric designs in leather jacket and chiffon couture. Again in the fashion show of Alexander McQueen in the 2005 Spring-Summer

Fashion Week in Paris and Milan, laser cut floral and geometric pattern is one of the techniques used in his lace-like leather skirt designs.

A London base jewelry designer, Harriet Clayton, who is a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, was chosen to exhibit of his work at the Craft Centre & Design Gallery in the "Ten of the Best" graduate jewelers from 2002. He designed a series of leather cuffs by using laser cutting.

Since Albert Einstein invented the photon in the "induced Radiation" theory in 1917, the first ruby laser was invented by Theodore H. Maiman in 1960. It had revolutionized the whole world industries. Although it is hard for the leather and fabric apparel designers to understand how scientist to repair the ozone in sky in their laboratory by using laser, but it is is also hard to imagine how a high energy laser beam can be exploited to design leather and fabric apparel.

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From Fashion to Boutique Floor Renovation and Laser Lace Curtain to Quilting, Laser Cut Plays a Major role in Unique and Special Design. 

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